Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club is a non-profit Summer Travel Lacrosse Program established for Springfield Youth and High School players with the following goals: Provide a cost-effective and competitive tournament lacrosse experience for all kids in th
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Welcome to the Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club!

2016 Faceoff Clinic with SHS Alumni Mark and Mike Gurenlian of The FACEOFF Academy

What is SCLC? See the "About SCLC" tab above for an explanation of who we are and the purpose and goals of our Club. 

2017 Boys Summer Lacrosse Program – We expect to field 5 tournament teams and continue our Developmental program in 2017. We are working hard to add even more member benefits. Details are being published regularly. Check out our "Boys Program" menu tab above. Below is the key dates for Boys Tryouts. Register Boys here:

Cougars Lacrosse - BOYS Summer 2017 Sign Up

Boys Tryout Schedule:
Summer 2017 Tryout* – Sunday, October 16, 2016 @ 4:30 – 5:45 p.m. (Halderman Field, Springfield)
Parent Information Session – Sunday, October 16, 2016 @ 4:45 p.m.
Make Up Tryout #1 - Sunday, October 23, 2016 @ 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. (Sabold School, Springfield)
Make Up Tryout #2 - Sunday, October 30, 2016 @ 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. (Sabold School, Springfield)

2017 Girls Summer Lacrosse Program  We expect to offer Girls tournament play in 2017. Details are being published regularly. Check out our "Girls Program" menu tab above. Below is the key dates for Girls Tryouts. Register Girls here:

Cougars Lacrosse - GIRLS Summer 2017 Sign Up

Girls Tryout Schedule:
Summer 2017 Tryout* – Sunday, October 16, 2016 @ 5:30 – 6:45 p.m. (Halderman Field, Springfield)
Parent Information Session – Sunday, October 16, 2016 @ 5:45 p.m.
Make Up Tryout - Sunday, October 23, 2016 @ 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. (Halderman Field, Springfield)

SCLC on Facebook - Check us out on Facebook and be sure to Like us and share info with others. SCLC Facebook Link

Congratulations Coach Keenan on your selection as 2016 Campbell Alumni Award winner!

Congratulations SHS Boys Lacrosse - 2016 PIAA State Champions! See below Club news.

 If you have any questions or comments regarding registration, payments or the Club in general, please email the Board of Directors at the following e-mail address: info@springfieldlacrosseclub.com.

To send anonymous feedback, use the "Feedback to our Board" option from the menu at left.

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Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser - "Love Your Melon"
From SCLC Head Coach Steve Halko (SHS Class of...
1st Start Winter Lacrosse Clinics - Ages 3-7 - Three Locations
November 26, 2016 SCLC Members, If your child is new to...
REMINDER - 2017 Club Makeup Tryouts - SUNDAY Oct 23rd
Thank you to all those who attended last weekends Tryouts.   Reminder...
SCLC on Facebook
SCLC on Facebook - Check us out on Facebook and be sure to Like...
Club Director Lemieux's Season Ending Message
As our 3rd Summer Program under SCLC comes to an end, I am certain...
Goalie & Faceoff Clinic - Thank You!
Thanks to so many for their interest in attending Monday's free...
SHS Boys Lax - 2016 PIAA State Champions!!!!!!!!!!
Be The Best!   Our fourth state championship and the...
2016 Campbell Alumni Award - Kevin Keenan
It is with great pride that the SCLC honors Kevin Keenan, SHS...
Sweeney Alumni Event - THANK YOU KYLE!!!
Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser - "Love Your Melon"

From SCLC Head Coach Steve Halko (SHS Class of 2013) - November 26, 2016

Myself and a few other people at Cabrini started a "Campus Crew" through a company called Love Your Melon. They sell hats and 50% of the proceeds go directly to pediatric cancer research.
I started Cabrini Campus Crew in honor of Nick "Nacho" Baratelle (SHS Class of 2013) obviously because I want to make a difference here. Cancer touches everyone unfortunately and I think it is a great way to help out.
Here is the link, people just need to select Cabrini University Campus Crew at the checkout: https://www.loveyourmelon.com

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1st Start Winter Lacrosse Clinics - Ages 3-7 - Three Locations

November 26, 2016

SCLC Members,

If your child is new to lacrosse, too young to play with the Springfield boys teams at Ampro this winter or if you just want to get additional reps for your child (age 3-7), consider the 1st Start Lacrosse - Winter Program

1st Start Lacrosse is for Boys and Girls and is designed to get kids introduced to lacrosse and comfortable using a stick.

This winter 1st Start Lacrosse will operate a 6 week (Jan 15 - Feb 19), 1 hour clinic hosted on Sunday's at 3 different, local venuesCost is $20/session ($120 in total) per player. See below announcement and visit the 1st Start website to register.


Be The Best!



1st Start Lacrosse for kids 3-7 moving indoors this winter!

Looking for a way to get your child interested in lacrosse? Are you looking for a starter program to get them comfortable and excited to run around and play the game?

After a fun fall season, 1st Start Lacrosse is moving indoors for the winter to 3 different locations.

1st Start Lacrosse is a program where the basics to the game are broken down and taught in a fun and exciting environment. It’s for children ages 3-7 and it will be coached by all former players now educators in the Philly area who have an extreme passion for the game.

1st Start is a 6 week program on Sundays starting January 15 where each session will be 60 minutes long. Lacrosse sticks (plastic) will be provided at every session along with a 1st Start STARTer pack, where each child will receive a 1st Start T-Shirt, Sweatband and Sticker!

There will be 3 different 1st Start locations this winter:

1> The Episcopal Academy

Class of 1940 Daniel Dougherty Field House

Newtown Square, PA

Time: 8:30-9:30 AM

2> Lamb-Miller Field House at Swarthmore College

Swarthmore, PA

Time: 10:30-11:30 AM

3> Ampro Sports Fieldhouse

Primos, PA

Time: 12:30-1:30 PM

Address: 30 Bunting Lane, Primos, PA 19018


Make your child’s 1st Start at lacrosse one they will NEVER forget!!

To register, please go to https://campscui.active.com/orgs/1stStartLacrosse

Any questions about the program, please contact John Bodnar at  @1ststartlacrosse.com

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REMINDER - 2017 Club Makeup Tryouts - SUNDAY Oct 23rd

Thank you to all those who attended last weekends Tryouts.  

Reminder of this weekends make up tryouts as follow:

GIRLS - First and only makeup, Sunday, October 23rd at 5:30-6:30 pm from Halderman Field.  Arrive ~20 minutes early to check in and dress.  

BOYS - First of two make ups, Sunday, October 23rd at 10-11 am from Sabold School.  Arrive ~20 minutes early to check in and dress. Coach Cugini will be running this makeup.

We expect to announce teams in early November.  Questions can be directed to

Be the Best!








Cougar Lacrosse - BOYS Summer 2017 Signup

Cougar Lacrosse - GIRLS Summer 2017 Signup

Be The Best!


This message is to re-introduce Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club (SCLC) to the Springfield youth lacrosse community & beyond and to invite everyone to join our free tryout for both Boys and Girls on Sunday, October 16th.

With the continued growth of the summer tournament format, lacrosse is increasingly a year-round sport and more popular than ever. As most all clubs operate on a “for-profit” basis, summer options are limited, quite expensive, can be inconvenient and don’t give the instruction younger players require.

SCLC was established as a PA non-profit Corporation in 2013 to change this dynamic. The primary goal of SCLC was to operate summer travel club teams that provide all youth in Springfield school district (SSD) with numerous benefits, including:

·         a cost-effective and competitive tournament lacrosse experience;

·         allow Springfield teammates to play together in a more intense/competitive format;

·         instructing players, year-round, in a consistent way; and

·         integrating Springfield’s exceptional alumni as coaches and advisors.

Our third summer program in 2016 once again proved that, in Springfield, we do NOT have to rely on for-profit Club’s to give our kids a quality summer experience. Our Boys Program, in its third season, again had 120 members and fielded four teams to compete over a six-week period in three local, high-quality, multi-day tournaments. Based on our successful boys operating model, in 2016 we expanded to include a Girls Development Program and were grateful to welcome 90 new members. In 2017, we are hoping to improve by adding a fifth boys team and multiple tournaments for girls.

We are excited to invite all boys and girls in the SSD currently in grades K-7 to join our free tryout on Sunday, October 16th. Boys Tryout is from 4:30 to 5:45 pm and the Girls Tryout is from 5:30 to 6:45 pm.

Each tryout is conducted in a group format, operated like a clinic and takes place at Halderman Field (570 West Springfield Road). Full gear is suggested and there will be parent information sessions to learn more. The only thing we need you NOW is to complete the below Google Doc so that we know who you are and that you are coming.

Cougar Lacrosse - BOYS Summer 2017 Signup

Cougar Lacrosse - GIRLS Summer 2017 Signup

Concerned because you have a conflict with the tryout date/time? We hope to have as many as possible attend the main tryouts. For those who cannot attend the main tryouts, we have setup various makeup dates and the Google Doc has fields to capture your preference for a makeup when necessary. Nobody will be left out.

Concerned that your child may not be ready for tournament play?  The SCLC summer travel lacrosse program is specifically designed to provide everyone with an opportunity to participate. No cuts will be made and everyone gets to be part of the Springfield team! For those who may not be ready for competitive tournament play, we offer a Developmental option at a substantially reduced cost. Developmental status allows your child to attend all 12 practice sessions with the option to receive a complete uniform package.

Concerned about team size and playing time? In 2016, we fielded four boys team ranging in size between 17-20 players each. In 2017, we expect to organize tournament teams by graduation year, i.e. 2022 (G7), 2023 (G6), 2024 (G5), 2025 (G4) & 2026/27 (mixed G3 & G2), though this could change depending on interest and may not be the same between boys and girls. Regardless, we are committed to controlling team size for the benefit of our members. We expect all 2017 teams to have no more than 22 Regular players and we may employ a waitlist feature.

Unsure what membership entails? Membership is truly more than practices and tournament play; it’s a connection to the Springfield Lacrosse Family. Your child’s membership with SCLC is enhanced by a variety of members-only in-and-out of season benefits, including high quality uniforms, scrimmages, free Goalie/Faceoff clinics, parent social and free Club Family Wrapup Party. In 2017, we are working to make membership even more valuable by adding free Shooting clinic, free Parent/Coaches clinic, discounted strength and conditioning training and opportunities for private instruction.

Unsure about the financial & time commitment? We are a non-profit organization and many of us have our own children in the summer program. We understand the demands on your time and money and we are doing everything to balance quality and value. Though we have not yet published our membership fees for 2017, they are expected to be consistent with 2014/15 rates @ $550/Regular and $200/Developmental. Due to differences in program offerings, the Boys and Girls fees may not be identical. For reference, regional summer club teams often charge $1,000 or more. We intend to publish our 2017 rates, payment schedule options, coaching assignments and a detailed 2016/17 calendar before anyone is asked to make a financial commitment. In the meantime, please make every effort to attend our free tryout so we can reserve your spot.

Springfield Lacrosse has a long history of success; accentuated by the SHS Boys State Championship in 2016. Through SCLC-sponsored programs, our children have greater opportunities to develop their lacrosse skills at an early age. Facilitating a bond between our alumni and the youth is a key initiative. We believe the success of SCLC is vital to our ability to continue and build upon the proud tradition of Springfield Lacrosse.

Please visit our website where we have/will be posting updated content regularly @ www.springfieldlacrosseclub.com

Please share your comments and feedback with us by contacting any of our Board members directly or by emailing us at 

The Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club, Inc. Board of Directors:

Tom Lemieux (SHS Boys Head Coach & SCLC Club Director)

John Cugini

Sarah Damato

Mike DePetris

Brian Gougler

Ed Grafstrom

Kevin Keenan

Jim Kennedy

Rob O'Brien

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SCLC on Facebook

SCLC on Facebook - Check us out on Facebook and be sure to Like us and share info with others. SCLC Facebook Link


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Club Director Lemieux's Season Ending Message

As our 3rd Summer Program under SCLC comes to an end, I am certain that our Club is heading in the right direction. Not only by measuring wins and losses but by how it’s strengthening the community and culture. Simply put, there is no other Club like ours around!


The Springfield Lacrosse “culture” that we strive to instill at all levels is characterized by our dedication to Family, Tradition and Community. I feel that this Club took huge strides in 2016 in building on that culture.


It is hard to imagine feeling a greater sense of accomplishment than we did on June 11th, after winning our first State Championship since 1992! However, when summer started, and we began to see how much character and promise our great young players were continuing to bring to the program, our coaches and alumni quickly realized the potential of Springfield Lacrosse is unlimited.  


There are good reasons why very few programs in the country do what has become routine in Springfield. It requires a ton of hard work at all levels and most parents do not buy into the culture philosophy. Ours is a very special program because of the coordination and passion we have at all levels and I want to thank the parents especially for embracing the big picture. We have the best parents in Springfield and none of this would be possible without you. Thank you!


To the Directors of Springfield Cougars Lacrosse Club, the countless hours you all put into this is unbelievable! Thank you all! Special thanks go out to Mike & Deb DePetris. I can't even begin to tell you all how much time those two dedicate to our Club. Also, special thanks to Sarah Damato and Jessi Gougler for bringing our Girls Summer Program to life in 2016. The girls program is an important component of our Lacrosse Family and Sarah and Jessi provided extraordinary leadership this year.   


To all the Coaches, thank you for embracing the special opportunity you have to be a positive role model to our younger Cougars. Connecting our exceptional alumni to the next generation remains a primary goal for us, and it has been so rewarding to see that bond getting tighter all summer long!


Finally, to our Players. You are the reason we do this. We want you to have the best possible experience, one filled with opportunities, during your time in Springfield and beyond. The improvements I saw on each team from the first practice were remarkable.


I'm extremely proud to be Head Coach of Springfield Boys Lacrosse and Club Director for SCLC and would not trade my spot for any other in the country!!


The future for Springfield Lacrosse remains bright - Let's continue to demonstrate our respect for community and pride by supporting each other throughout the year ahead and by making sure we are all doing the right thing on and off the field!


Enjoy the rest of the summer!!


Thomas Lemieux
Head Lacrosse Coach
Springfield High School
(631) 457 0744

@sprlax - Twitter

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Goalie & Faceoff Clinic - Thank You!

Thanks to so many for their interest in attending Monday's free Goalie & Faceoff Clinic. 

Registration remains open for Goalie but has CLOSED for Faceoff as we are at 30 boys.  Confirmed registration list can be found here:




We are hosting a free Goalie Clinic & separate Faceoff Clinic the same evening for all members interested in learning the positions. Halderman Field @ 6:30 pm.

The Goalie Clinic is operated by Coach Kevin Keenan. Attendees should wear full gear if you have it.  We hope to have some extra gear though gear is not mandatory to benefit from the concepts being taught.

The FACEOFF Clinic is operated by SHS Alumni Mike and Mark Gurenlian of the FACEOFF Academy.  Boys should wear cleats, gloves and stick.


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SHS Boys Lax - 2016 PIAA State Champions!!!!!!!!!!

Be The Best!  

Our fourth state championship and the first title in 24 years!  Congratulations Boys, Coach Lemieux and staff.  What a special season!

See below for the definitive history of PA Boys High School Lacrosse!


Phillylacrosse.com, Posted 6/11/16

PIAA Championship scores
2009: La Salle 7, Conestoga 3
2010: Conestoga 10, La Salle 6
2011: Conestoga 13, St. Joseph’s Prep 4
2012: Conestoga 10, La Salle 7
2013: La Salle 13, Conestoga 4
2014: Penncrest 12, Avon Grove 7
2015: Radnor 11, St. Joseph’s Prep 10, OT
2016: Springfield-Deco 4, La Salle 3

Past state champions, pre-PIAA tournament
State Champions As chosen by coaches
1965 – Hill School
1966 – Lower Merion
1967 – Lower Merion
1968 – Haverford School

Avery F. Blake Memorial Trophy winner
1969 – Lower Merion 5, Haverford School 4
1970 – Harriton 3, Lower Merion 2
1971 – Harriton 6, Abington 5
1972 – Harriton 6, Haverford School 5
1973 – Henderson 12, Hill School 6
1974 – Penn Charter 4, Harriton 3
1975 – Penn Charter 11, Harriton 10
1976 – Penn Charter 11, Abington 10
1977 – Lower Merion 5, Abington 4 (OT)
1978 – Springfield-Delco 12, Lower Merion 9
1979 – Lower Merion 12, Abington 4
1980 – Haverford School 8, Lower Merion 2
1981 – Abington defeated Haverford School
1982 – Springfield-Delco 12, Henderson 4
1983 – Penn Charter 4, Episcopal Academy 2
1984 – Lower Merion 9, Hill School 5
1985 – Haverford School 7, Episcopal Academy 4
1986 – Hill School 9, Haverford School 7
1987 – Episcopal Academy 19, Germantown Academy 12
1988 – West Chester East 8, Ridley 7
1989 – Penn Charter 7, Episcopal Academy 6, 3OT
1990 – Germantown Academy 6, Episcopal Academy 5
1991 – Episcopal Academy 9, Penn Charter 8
1992 – Springfield-Delco defeated Episcopal Academy
1993 – Germantown Academy
1994 – Ridley 7, Springfield-Delco 6
1995 – Episcopal Academy 5, Ridley 2
1996 – Episcopal Academy 9, Springfield-Delco 3
1997 – Ridley 10, Springfield-Delco 8

1998 – Ridley 6, Haverford School 5 (3OT)
1999 – Lower Merion 11, Ridley 

How Many State Titles Have You Won?
Lower Merion – 7
Ridley – 6
Haverford School – 5
Penn Charter – 5
La Salle – 4
Episcopal Academy – 4
Conestoga – 3
Springfield-Delco – 4
Harriton – 3
Hill School – 2
Germantown Academy – 2
West Chester East – 1
Henderson – 1
Malvern Prep – 1
Abington – 1
Downingtown East 1
Penncrest – 1
Radnor – 1

Public School Winners – 29
Private School Winners – 23

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2016 Campbell Alumni Award - Kevin Keenan

It is with great pride that the SCLC honors Kevin Keenan, SHS Class of 1995, as the 2016 recipient of the Campbell Alumni Award.

In 2016, all our boy's will wear Kevin's name and #6 on their shooting shirts. Please read our complete announcement, including quotes from fellow Alumni, here:



Please join us on Thursday, June 16th @ 6:15 p.m. at Halderman Field for a brief ceremony to acknowledge Coach Keenan's contributions to the Springfield Lacrosse Community.

Be The Best!


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Sweeney Alumni Event - THANK YOU KYLE!!!




On Wednesday, July 8th, we are holding a special recognition event to honor Kyle Sweeney, our 2015 Campbell Alumni Award recipient. The award ceremony will begin at ~6:15 p.m. and we hope ALL members will attend. Please wear your 2015 Sweeney shooting shirts.

Our Club announcement includes exceptional quotes from Kyle’s teammates and can be found here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/16582/67050.pdf

Here are a few links to help educate our members about Kyle’s accomplishments:

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